4g Lte Phones on Page Plus

4g Lte Phones on Page Plus

4g Lte Phones on Page Plus

Some 4g lte phones are having issues getting data on the page plus network.  This is due to a network verification issue that page plus has with this new technology. Don't worry, we have a fix for it. This issue is mostly on the Razr and the Thunderbolt but this method will work on all 4g phones.

This is the process to bypass the verification issues with 4g lte phones on the page plus network:

  1. Turn the 4g phone off.
  2. Do an esn change and put a different phone onto the page plus account. For this example we will say a droid x has been switched to the account.
  3. Make a call on the droid x
  4. Turn the droid x off
  5. Put the 4g phone back on the page plus account
  6. Turn the 4g phone back on and make a phone call on the 4g phone.
  7. The internet should pop up
  8. Remember to instruct the customer to never dial *228 on a flashed phone on page plus. The phone will instantly go into roaming and the internet will cut off

We hope this information helps everyone out a little bit. As always dont hesitate to ask us any questions you might have.

If you have not signed up for the remotesquaD dealer flashing software you can do so here

You can now use our Automated Esn Reset to automate this process.

  • Nick Moffitt

    This is all that needs to be done to add a 4g verizon phone to page plus? I though you had to go through the whole extensive Flashing process?

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  • Mary Robinson

    what happen when you want to activate the droid x?

  • Billy

    i can not get anything other than 1x on my lg spectrum

  • Nikki

    What software do i need to flash my Samsung Droid Charge to PagePlus on my windows computer?
    What are the steps to flashing my phone?

    • remotesquad

      The droid charge cannot be fully flashed to any carrier. It can only work on Verizon.


  • Jo

    I thought that I would have to do Over-The-Air Programming after these types of changes??

  • remotesquad

    This is after you use our flashing software on the phone. Ifyou just do these steps alone you are wasting your time.

  • uriel gonzalez

    can i do this to droid razer 4g . 16 GB . i ill like to make it prepay-ed with pp is it possible

    • remotesquad

      The phone will have to be flashed first.

  • Deesnuts

    what about a LG revolution 4g lte phone?

  • britneyk

    My DROID RAZR has been in 1x for 2 days now and will hardly get signal what can I do or could be the problem?

  • patricia miller

    how do I flash my Verizon Samsung 4g phone to page plus because I already have a page plus number but my Verizon Samsung phone is not activated yet