Motorola 4G Phones on Page Plus

Motorola 4G Phones on Page Plus

Get data working on Motorola phones flashed to Page Plus and Selectel.

Data not working on Motorola Razr, Bionic, and Droid 4 when flashed to Page Plus

Recently we have seen a lot of Motorola 4G phones that are not receiving data once they are flashed to Page Plus and we think that we have found the issue. After you flash the phone, if you are not receiving data, go to settings–>about phone–> and check to see what the phone number is showing as. If the phone number is showing as “Unknown” with the Sim Card in the phone, this is the issue that is causing data not to work.

In order to fix this issue, the only thing that you can do is change the sim card out. Once you find a sim card that does not display the “unknown” for the phone number, then you should have data working. If for any reason you do not have data working, you need to do an esn reset to toggle the data. ESN RESET INSTRUCTIONS

In every case where we have seen no data on the phone after flashing it, this has been the issue. As soon as you get a Sim card in there that will display a real phone number, the data has started working instantly. We are not 100% sure why the sim cards are having these issues, but it seems to be caused from the device frying the card. The number one reason of this, is removing the Sim card from the phone, while the phone is still on. Try to make a habit out of removing the Sim card, or putting the Sim card in the phone, only while the phone is turned off. We are fairly confident that this will stop the card from reading “unknown”

  • Ivan

    Does not work sometimes

  • Alvekan

    The phone must have a prior ACTIVATED 4GLTE Sim card in order to work perfect. I had purchase a new Sim card 4GLTE from Verizon that was never activated and will give me 3G but not MMS. Randomly I can get them but i can’t send. I had try other verizon sim cards removed from droid 3 (and cutted) but won’t work. And i will take note on not remove sim card with phone on because It happen to me.