Flashing the iPhoneFlashing the iPhone

Pre flash instructions

  1. Install latest version of iTunes Click to Download
  2. Jailbreak your iPhone using your preferred method of jailbreak. We reccommend evasi0n
  3. Install open ssh on your phone, through cydia. Not on your computer.
    1. Connect the iPhone to your local Wifi
    2. Open cydia, then search for and install ‘Openssh’
    3. If openSSH is not installed the software will crash
  4. Install any updates requested by cydia.
  5. If cydia askes you to reboot after update, do so.

Install Carrier Bundle and Commcenter Patch

  1. In cydia, add the source “http://itiaprepo.com/remotesquad”
  2. Install the commcenter patch from that source.
  3. Install the carrier bundle for the carrier you need.

Flash the iPhone 4

  1. On the iPhone, go to Settings –> General –> Auto-Lock and set it to “Never”.
  2. Plug the phone into the pc and give the flasher a minute to display the phones information.
  3. Click ‘Connect’.
    1. If the flasher says ‘failed to connnect’ then run the iPhone connection fix to resolve that issue.
    2. Click ‘Read’.
    3. You can repeat this every 20 seconds until the phone has initiated and the program reads its MIN/MDN/SID
    4. Select your carrier from the drop down box.
    5. Enter your MDN, MIN, and SID.
    6. Click ‘Write’.
    7. Please be aware that the writing process can take up to 2 minutes. Be patient and let it finish its process.
    8. After the software says “Flash complete”, on the iPhone go to Settings –> General –> Auto-Lock and set it to “1 minute”.
    9. Click disconnect and your phone will reboot.
    10. Do not forget to power the phone off manually and reboot it.
    11. WHen the phone comes on, dial *228 or your appropriate OTA programming code.

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