Page Plus Activation

Get your free Page Plus Activation done today.

Free $12 Pin with each new activation

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Remote Squad Free Page Plus Activation. Have a phone that you want to use on Page plus? Remotesquad will activate any phone on page plus for you for free, so long as Page plus will allow it in their system.  Only Verizon non-4g phones will work without “flashing” needing to be done.  If you have a non Verizon phone, or a Verizon 4g phone, you will need to get it flashed. You can find a local store to flash this phone for you with our store locator

Quick Facts:

  1. Verizon phones must have clean esn.  (Cant be reported lost or stolen).
  2. Phone must be a CDMA cell phone. NO SIM CARDS ALLOWED
  3. Page plus randomly assigns a number to you. Area code is based off zip code you provide.
  4. Phone must not already be active on Page Plus
  5. You will have $2 in minutes to test your phone upon activation.
  6. Use this $2 to test your new account.
  7. After you have used your $2, you will need to add a plan HERE
  8. In the email we send, you will receive details on your free $12 pin for Page Plus

Need help finding your phones ESN/MEID number? USE THIS GUIDE

Free Page Plus Activation
After you receive your phone number, your page plus phone is ready to go.  Remember, non-Verizon phones must be flashed to work on Page Plus. If you have a Verizon phone, you can use the following information to program your phone.

  1. Enter meid of phone, and zip code in the form above.
  2. Once you submit your new activation, check the email address you provided..
  3. Dial *22890 on your Verizon phone, and press 1 when prompted to activate.
  4. Your phone should reboot when completed. If not, turn your phone off, then turn your phone back on.
  5. Make a phone call on your phone, and you should get the page plus welcome message.
  6. Follow the prompts and your new phone is active and ready to be used.


Add a Plan to your Page Plus Phone after your Free Page Plus Activation

Go to our bill payment page: Once you pay your bill you will instantly receive your Refill Pin along with easy to use instructions to replenish your balance.

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