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What is a Page Plus esn change?

To preform a Page Plus esn change, you must already have a Page Plus account. If you do not already have a page plus account, you can create one with our free page plus activation. A Page Plus esn change is when you take the phone that you are currently using on Page Plus off of your account, and you put a new phone on your Page Plus account.

What is the difference between a Page Plus esn change and porting your number?

Many people are not sure if they should be porting their number, or simply doing a Page Plus esn change. The two processes are often confused but are totally differnet. When you port your number, you are taking a number that is with another service provider (such at AT&T), and moving that number to Page Plus. When you do a Page Plus esn change, you are taking your Page Plus phone number, and moving it to another phone. When you do an esn change, you do not lose any minutes, or plan balances that you currently have on your account. The absolute only thing that changes, is the phone that you are using.

Three simple questions before you do a Page Plus esn change.

  1. Do you currently have a Page Plus phone number?
  2. Do you want to move your Page Plus phone number to a different phone?
  3. Is your new phone an allowed Page Plus device?

As long as you meet the three requirements above, then you should be able to do this free Page Plus esn change.

After you complete the form above, please check your email for confirmation that your free Page Plus esn change was properly completed. These services will always be free at because we believe in the customer saving their hard earned cash. If our free services have benefited you at all, we hope you will consider buying your monthly pins through us. If not, still enjoy the free automated services such as the Page Plus esn change that only Remotesquad offers.

How to find meid or esn of a cell phone

How to find meid or esn? When you are adding a cell phone to the database of any carrier, the way that carrier identifies the phone is by the esn(electronic serial number). In order to do the page plus esn change you will need to provide the esn or meid of the cell phone.

find esn on cell phone

Usually the esn or meid of a phone is located under the battery of the phone.

  1. Remove battery form the phone
  2. Look for esn or meid on the sticker under the battery
  3. Esn is an 8 digit number and often labeled pesn
  4. Meid can be MEID hex or MEID dec

Meid Decimal is usually an 18 digit number starting with the number “2″
Meid Hex is usually 15 alphanumeric numbers starting with the letter “A”

Use the above information to complete your Page Plus esn change.