Flash iPhone

Flash iPhone

Flash iPhone to Cricket or Page plus and enjoy one of the best phones in the world on some of  the best prepaid plans in the nation.  Please be aware that not all features work when flashing to certain companies.  Read below to find out who you can flash your iPhone to and what features will and what features will not work on this amazing device.


Flash iPhone to Cricket

Flash iPhone to Cricket today.  We have finally done it. We are half flashing the Sprint and Verizon iPhones over to Cricket now. This is the best phone on one of the best prepaid carriers.  This flash includes talk, text only. Please note that if you live in a triband area you may not receive mms messages. Click here to flash your iPhone to Cricket Wireless now.

Flash iPhone to Page Plus

Flash iPhone to Page Plus. Page plus runs off of the Verizon towers and is quickly becoming one of the largest and fastest growing prepaid carriers in the nation.  Flash your Verizon over to Page plus today and get full features. That’s right. Talk, text, internet, and picture messaging will work when you flash iPhone over to Page plus. Click here to flash your Verizon iPhone over to Page plus today.

Flash iPhone Faq’s

Can I flash a AT&T iPhone?

No. Att phones are a different technology. They use Gsm and to flash a phone you must have the cdma technology.  Most phones that use a sim card cannot be flashed.  There are some phones that are capable of using both technologies but the iPhone is not one of them.  This is not an option for the flash iPhone service offered by remotesquad.

Does my iPhone need a clean esn?

If you want to flash iPhone over to Cricket Wireless then your phone does not need to have a clean esn. If you want to flash your Verizon iPhone over to Page plus then you do need to have an iPhone with a clean esn. Sprint iPhones can have a bad esn no matter what carrier they are being flashed to. If you are not sure if your phone has a clean esn then we recommend that you ask us for assistance or call Verizon.

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