Cell phone flashing….What is it, will it work, and is it safe?

Hopefully we can explain this all to you……Cell Phone Flashing

What is Cell Phone Flashing?

Cell phone flashing is the process of making a phone work for a carrier it is not originally intended to work on.  Cell phone flashing allows people to take the hottest phones on the market today and use them on reasonably priced prepaid cell phone providers.  More and more people are realizing that cell phone flashing allows them to take their high end phones, and use them on services without those high bills.  This is a very practical solution for the consumer looking to save a lot of money, without sacrificing all the features they love.

As people become more and more familiar with the cell phone flashing process many questions arise. One of the more common concerns that people have is wondering if their phone will function the same way it did on their previous carrier.  In many cases it will.  The more advanced cell phones have become, the more complicated the cell phone flashing process has become. Remotesquad are the ultimate professionals.  We can have most phones up and running with the same features you have come to love in less than thirty minutes.  Most flashed phones will have working talk, text, internet, and picture mail. We have invested countless hours in to research to make sure your phone is fully functional.

Cell Phone Flashing. Will It Work On My Phone?

There are two different type of cell phone technologies. There are gsm phones which use a sim card and cdma phones that do not use a sim card.  Only Cdma cell phones, not using a sim card, can be flashed to a different carrier. If your phone has a sim card, you should look in to unlocking your cell phone. The two most popular carriers of Cdma technology are Verizon and Sprint. Many people have been in contracts with these carriers and have realized that the obligations and cost of contract cell phone service may not be for them.  Cell phone flashing is the perfect alternative.  If you have a phone from any Cdma carrier, more than likely it can be flashed to another carrier. Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile phones cannot be flashed. Cell phone flashing is not an options for phones originally from these carriers.

Cell phone flashing is not limited to any particular type of phone.  Some of the hottest phones on the market today are android cell phones. With our flash android service you can access the internet and the google play android market after switching your phone to your new carrier. Remotesquad can flash more than just androids as well. We have many years of flashing blackberry and feature phones as well.

Is Cell Phone Flashing Legal? Is it Safe?

Cell phone flashing is 100% legal.  Most carriers allow flashed cell phones on their network now days.  More and more carriers are realizing that customers want to switch their service and keep their phone.  As long as a carrier allows flashed cell phones on their service, the methods used for cell phone flashing are completely legal and encouraged.  Some carriers, such as Boost Mobile and Straight Talk, do not allow flashed phones on to their service. As with anything people have found a way around this. In this case, since the carrier does not allow cell phone flashing, the process used to get the phone on these networks is illegal. Rest assured that all services preformed by the remotesquad are legal. Remember, it’s your phone, you own it and you can do what you want to it, therefore phone flashing is not a crime.

Cell phone flashing is completely safe for you device. Phone flashing does not affect any of the integral system files. Therefore, your phone is always functional after flashing. Cell phone flashing does not include, rooting or installing a custom rom on your phone. This is not required and is discouraged. When you root your phone to gain access to the system files, you put your phone at risk for serious damage. Remotesquad has years of experience and has perfected the art of cell phone flashing.