Flash Samsung To Cricket

Flash samsung cell phone to Cricket. Cricket wireless is one of the most popular prepaid cell phone providers in the country.  Cricket will glady accept your flashed phone on their network and in most cases you can expect full functionality.  In order for the remotesquaD to preform the Flash samsung service on your cell phone you need to have a cricket account first.  Also, please make sure that cricket wireless has service in the area you wish to use your flashed samsung phone.  You can check to see if Cricket is available in your area by clicking here.  When the remotesquad flashes your samsung phone to cricket wireless we will switch the phone to your account for you. No need to deal with Cricket to get this done. Click here to have a tech perform the “flash samsung ” service to Cricket Wireless today.

Flash samsung To Page Plus

Flash samsung cell phone to Page Plus.  Page plus is one of the fastest growing prepaid carriers in the world.  They offer plans that suit every persons need.  This is a service that we have preformed thousands of times and also one that comes highly recommended by the remotesquad.  If you have an existing Page plus account then we will take care of switching the new phone to the account for you.  If you do not have an existing account with Page Plus then the remotesquad technician will create a new account for you and even place $2 on your new account to get you started. After you have used the $2 balance we recommend adding a page plus plan here to add minutes or a pin to your new phone. Click here to have a store perform the “flash samsung ” service to Page Plus today.

Flash samsung To Alltel

Flash samsung cell phone to Alltel.  Remotesquad is the only company online right now that is offering you the ability to use a flashed phone with Alltel.  They have just unveiled a new $45 unlimited plan.  When you flash samsung cell phone over to Alltel, you can enjoy talk and text on all phones and internet and picture mail on many phones.  Please ask a technician before you purchase the flash if your phone is eligible to have internet and picture messaging flashed to it.  When you flash samsung to Alltel you need to already have an existing Alltel account.  Remotesquad cannot create a new account for you with alltel.  Also, we are not able to switch your new samsung phone over to your Alltel account.  Alltel does allow flashed phones so usually there is no trouble in doing this yourself.  Click here to have a store perform the “flash samsung ” service to Alltel Wireless today.

Flash samsung To Metro Pcs

-Metro pcs does allow flash samsung cell phones onto their network. Flashing a phone to Metro Pcs is a two step process. First you must have a Metro Pcs account and the phone must be active on your account. This is called a metroflash.  Click here to find a location near you that can preform the metroflash. Once you have successfully had your samsung cell phone metroflashed, you will have working talk and text on your phone. Data and picture messaging will not work at this point.  Because of the need to have your phone metroflashed, the only service we offer for Metro Pcs is adding data and picture mail to the phone.  Please contact us using the chat bar at the bottom of the site if you have any questions and we will do our best to answer them for you. Click here to have a store perform the “flash samsung ” service to Metro Pcs today.

Faq’s For The Flash samsung Service

When I flash samsung cell phone will I get data and mms?

In most cases yes. For android samsung cell phones you will receive data and picture messaging.  We do not guarantee picture messaging but have a very high success rate.  On many phones we have a 100% success rate with picture messaging.  If your phone is not an android phone then the chances of getting data go down. You will not get data on any of the following branded phones:

  • Sprint (non- android)
  • Us cellular (non- android)
  • Alltel (non- android)
  • Boost (non- android)

 When I flash samsung cell phone will I be able to use the native carrier’s apps?

No, in most cases you will not be able to use apps such as Verizon’s family locator when you flash samsung cell phones over to another carrier.  If you have an android cell phone you will be able to access apps on the android market.  Android cell phones are highly recommended for the “flash samsung “ service.

Can I flash samsung cell phones to Boost mobile or Straight talk?

In short, No.  Neither Boost mobile or Straight Talk allow flashed phones on their network.  While some people still find ways to put their flashed phones onto these networks, the methods used are illegal and are not supported by remotesquaD. Hopefully soon these two companies will allow flashed phones onto their networks. Until then we will not be flashing phones to either Boost or Straight Talk.

Can I flash samsung cell phones to Verizon?

Most of the time Verizon will not accept flashed phones onto their network. In rare cases we have seen this happen. Most people who flash samsung cell phones to verizon wireless have verizon phones that have been previously flashed to Cricket or another cell phone provider. Before you order this flash, we recommend that you contact using the chat bar at the bottom of the site to verify we can restore the phone to verizon settings.

Can I flash samsung cell phones to Sprint?

Most phones cannot be flashed to Sprint. As with Verizon, most people who order this flash are trying to restore a flashed samsung phone back to sprint settings. This is by far the most difficult flash to accomplish. Before you order this flash, we recommend that you contact using the chat bar at the bottom of the site to verify we can restore the phone to Sprint settings.